About the Occupation

In order to be a specialist and to join people in higher education, the author had been attending higher school and finally received a qualification. At the moment he gets valuable experience and the opportunity itself to study at university, to realize his ideas.

At higher school the author received a qualification in the field of Information Technology. Web Technology was the specialization. The final subject of a diploma was a paper written on a project, namely development of the rating of news. Thus, he has created premises for the future individual work. For further study at Tallinn University of Technology, at its School of Information Technologies, specifically Informatics on the postgraduate level, it is a genuine reason to continue to do the project. This kind of study at higher school as well as at university assumes certain participation and he prepares himself in this way for the future career in a chosen speciality.

In particular, if the author had a strong will, he could enter and study at the University of Tartu. In this event, he would search for information to learn more about the university, its university city and the primary buildings of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics and the Institute of Computer Science where the study could be. If one of the necessary requirements were to possess the English language at the required level, it could be a good reason to learn the language more. Whenever other specific skills, knowledge and experience are required, he is motivated to acquire them because entering university is a strong desire.

Furthermore, besides specific study at university, the technology is deployed what is called a personal computer connected to the Internet. With its help, the author can not only learn more information and learn it more quickly but also be more independent, discipline and change himself in a definite way.

First of all, in order to turn the technology to account the author has decided for himself that all those things which were until the present day were already in the past. From this moment he decides and does things differently. Now, he is a different person and focuses his efforts on the important project.

The author exploits a personal computer on purpose. It assumes that he does only the project with the aim for attaining certain necessary results. On the Internet, he employes online dictionaries and various reference materials for a concrete subject. Now, he is very selective in what he reads, what he watches, and what he listens to.

For language references the author has recourse to (a subscription to) Oxford Dictionaries, notably the Oxford English Dictionary, which are brought by Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford. In comparison, although he did not literally study at and did not literally aim to enter the university, he perceives his relation right, given that previously he studied at higher school and at university in Estonia, learned languages and at the moment continues to study in a certain speciality. As for specialist literature he takes advantage of (a subscription to) O’Reilly Online Learning and Training which is brought by O’Reilly Media.

As a rule, a personal computer, together with its monitor, has such a trait that it is usually fixed in the same place and position. Consequently, all resources the author has recourse to on the Internet, in principle, in a blink on the monitor, and a computer can be switched off. For this reason, he has the necessary working area where specific bookshelves are also placed as a part of the whole technology. In the working area, a book can be taken from a bookshelf and felt in hands. The title of a book can call on a particular subject.

Instead of having colleagues and a superior, the author is more independent and does individually the project. He is fundamentally based on the regular resources on the Internet he references. He is also based on various books and his written works which are kept on bookshelves and appear as a result of study and individual work on certain subjects and a speciality.

After all, the technology is already present. It means to have a sense of progress from the moment to change himself, being able to work more independently and to own the project. It motivates to learn more, it gives an aim for doing things and brings capital as a result of a particular study experience at university.

The current occupation

The author has an interest to study German and French for writing. Writing in the languages could widen the scope of the project he does beyond writing on a speciality in English.

As for English for a specific reason, the author, studying at university, has a will to do the specialist journal as a part of the project with the aim for writing about various books on a speciality. It serves as a concrete basis to utilize more English in general. Now, he listens to the BBC radio and watches the interviews of Charlie Rose even more. It has, in turn, reasoned an interest to study German and French.

The author thinks about writing in German and French. Studying the languages could strengthen the overall knowledge of all languages and improve the writing skills. This writing has to be on a specific purpose and a separate subject related to the corresponding countries, Germany and France. In particular, he has an interest to get acquainted with the countries through writing.

Above all, a will to study German and French is already a subject to do more the languages. If the author made a significant step to begin, he could do certain subjects useful for further writing in the journal as a part of the project and his individual development.

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