A difference arises in a particular subject or development of events when its circumstances are viewed in a different way. Evidences, different opinions and specific arguments demonstrate a significant effect and explain a difference. The author has received certain experiences, and these specifically affect him and relate to the field of his profession or interests.

Difference #1. People learn in different ways. Some people learn by doing things; other people learn by reading about things; others learn by listening to people talk about things.

People who learn by doing things really do actively things concrete. For example, by doing actively a project the author not only establishes a perfect ground but also receives practical experience and premises for the future individual work.

The author literally has a will to do things with his hands and be engaged in. Being at higher school, he starts the project and does it occasionally. As an accidental result in that school, he writes a diploma paper on the project and continues individually to do it. When being already at university, he aims to do what is more important. He does random written works on various selected subjects in the study programme at university. As a result of doing it, he has a good reason for the beginning of writing the specialist journal as a part of the whole project.

Next, at a proper time the author perceives that some ground has already been covered. While still at university, he decides to benefit from the opportunity specifically to do things based on what will be better to do in the first place. As for study having already completed it at higher school, study at university sooner or later will be completed as well. Because of this, in the near future it will be necessary to continue by doing works more independently on his own.

As a result, when the study time at university has finished, the author will have a perfect ground of what has already been done earlier. For this reason, he can be considered as the author of the whole project he does and, namely, of the specialist journal he writes. As he continues individually to do the project, it allows to look at his works taken, to talk about his particular experience and to think about further development of what to do next to achieve some approximate future goal.

On the whole, this notable development of study demonstrates such a way where there appears to be a real difference between people who learn just by reading or listening about things and people who learn actively by doing things when they write and create.

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