About the Author

In the event of the question being asked to describe one thing about the author being chosen, he would be exactly that individual and representative from Estonia on the international level.

The author was born, grew up and lives in Estonia. As a consequence, he is strongly associated with the country. Learning and working of his are closely related to the country, where he had his past, has the present and will have the future.

The author studied and continues to study in Estonia. At first, he completed study at higher school. During the study he founded his project and as a result of finishing that school he wrote a diploma paper on the project. For the present, he continues the study at Tallinn University of Technology. Being a student at university, certain subjects are learned, verbal and written works are done. These works are with the aim to work on, to develop and to expand the project.

The author is working on the project in Estonia. During all the time of the studies at higher school and university, he continues as a student and an individual to do independently the project started in the country. In addition, he begins to take advantage of English for writing specialist works and in oral communication.

This journal

As for works taken, this journal as a part of the whole project has been established as a result of the beginning of writing random articles at university what is the separate subject on a speciality the author writes in English.

The goal of the author is to be a representative from Estonia, working on the project. As a consequence of utilizing English, the project is continued for the results of its workings to be available for a much wider audience and to be the choice on the international level.

Moving forward

The author has a vision of living in Estonia, continuing in an individual way to study and do the project in the country, and achieving the goal. Given the vision, he sees himself being the founder, web expert, developer, and author.

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