The Mother is His Woman, and the Father is His Leader

The work is dedicated to his mother.
The work is dedicated to his father.

They always are a whole family.

Parents are the best teachers.

Parents are regular and the best teachers as well. If the author needed to change himself in a way, they could give a private life and a responsibility to be independent.

The parents are familiar and give a sense of confidence. The author can rely on them and understands the value of having these people and the certain constant relationship. Particularly, he is focused on what is more important to do and to think further about. As they also demand attention, it is better to pay it to them than other people. Hence, it means to have the private life.

As for a capital in the private life, the parents give such a life and a support. Whenever the author has reasonable circumstances to do in a particular way with a certain aim, they do support him. Moreover, it is even necessary to go all the way in the private life, to organize it right for the reason to advantage study, working and public life. For example, he has changed himself and something in the private life. Now, he behaves and does things differently. He significantly utilizes English, namely reads specialist literature and only selected resources on the Internet. He considers in his mind other languages as if German and French. As a consequence, it is a good influence on study at university. It also means to have a concrete capital from this study when all necessary subjects are passed, a diploma paper is written and a qualification is received.

The parents teach by their own example to do a business independently, to be an individual. If the author decided to change and discipline himself in a particular way, to do only the important business, they could allow him to be himself, give a responsibility to do and study on his own, to be independent as an individual, and they do. As a consequence, he has particular daily activity, a way of life and a permanent work to do.

In other words, it is more important to get along with the parents and to be able to work with them on a team. For further individual growth a capital in the private life as well as a capital from study at university is a good reason to do really something.

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