Introduction to My Future Practice Presentation at English for Science at Tallinn University of Technology

Ultimately, I passed through and successfully completed the Preparatory Course for English for Science and Research. It happened. Now I have an actual course for English for Science.

As a usual student learning English this spring semester, I have to make some practice presentation at the course start. Today at English for Science I introduced a subject of my future practice presentation.

The subject is Software and Internet Licences. The purpose is to inform about common traits of licences: what options they offer, and what options of licences we have.

The take away is actually that I am not going to talk about licences history and some common or special practice in use today at court cases, because may be I am not aware or simply I have nothing worth to say about. I shall only take a few moments. My future presenting picture of software and internet licences I have divided into two flavors:

  1. there are licences for software (or source code). It can be standalone software or connected with other software facilities.
  2. there are licences for internet facilities (or websites), which make certain services and products accessible on the internet. It can be some websites designed for people to use.

As an example of the second case I like to mention that people sometimes think about a website is official, because it was made by some professional company with a certain commission. Actually it is not like that. A website is the official website, when it is known who it belongs to. And this one who owns a website, needs to regulate its relationship with an audience.

This is what I am planning to present and talk next week about. I shall drop a few lines, when I complete this practice presentation at course for English for Science at Tallinn University of Technology. I think it will be more convenient for me.


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