Gaming Means Even More – Persuasive Presentation at English for Science at Tallinn University of Technology

A persuasive presentation was filled in this Friday evening at university. As a matter of fact it was necessary to make the point of a subject and convince the audience of. The idea was to persuade that gaming means even more. The topic was introduced by highlighting new heights of gaming and arguments about a mixture of emotions and an experience. The advantages were also brought out.

Technology continues to evaluate and gaming encompasses latest developments in related fields. New visual and interactive heights generate emotional values on all kinds of levels. Modern video games have a real procedural content, real dynamic assets and organic systems. One action logically follows another action in a sequence of events what means their full interconnection. Many facts are simultaneously taken into account.

Playing a video game, one is in the center of a story. The story is carefully crafted and encourage a player to ask himself certain questions. It is dealt with real human emotions, feelings and realistic actions as a more meaningful experience. A player leads and deals with his decisions. He has a dilemma to understand, achieve and live through.

More time is spent playing video games. Consequently, if it is felt the time is wasted, certain considerations should be made and an attitude of wanting to play more could be balanced. However, one’s habits could be changed, when this one was engaged in and obsessed with the gaming and therefore educated about a certain subject.

Finally, it is quite possible that gaming is very personal. It is a tool to express yourself and an improvement to daily life. It is also a substitution of and an addition to real life assets.

It would seem that the idea of persuading has been understood and I believe this warrants further discussion.



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